Say hello to the ShoulderSink

Say hello to The ShoulderSink

Clean hands are needed EVERYWHERE! Introducing ShoulderSink, the portable hand washing station Australia has been waiting for.

ShoulderSink is a mobile hand hygiene station that gives the user access to a complete hand wash, wherever and whenever needed. Soap and water are the authority-recommended and most effective way to clean your hands. Clean water, soap, paper & sanitiser has not always been readily available, but now it is. 

Incorporated benefits:🖐  Personal Hygiene – Always have clean hands when meeting people or eating.

❤️  Health Benefits – Reduce the number of sick days and increase staff efficiency. 20% – 30% of common illnesses can be avoided by regular hand washing.

🌿  Ecofriendly – Uses only 5% of the water a regular hand wash at home uses. Compared to using wipes, it generates 99.5% less plastic waste, and the remaining 0.5% is recyclable.

🕓  Convenience – The compact design and easy installation creates maximum use of space to keep vehicles and tools clean and tidy. It does not require plumbing or power to use. It comes with a shoulder strap so it can be used as a mobile solution away from the vehicle. 

Shouldersink is there when clean water, soap, paper or sanitiser isn’t! 🧼

Offering everything you need for the perfect wash:
🧼 Soap
💧 Water
📄 Paper
🧴 Hand Sanitiser or Grit Soap
🗑 and your own Bin

Available in grey, blue, khaki or red.