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Kid Safe Hand Sanitiser

Our Kids Safe Hand Sanitiser has no nasties! Only natural and sustainable ingredients, no alcohol, and nothing toxic.
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The ShoulderSink

The SoulderSink is the mobile handwashing station that Australia has been waiting for.

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With over 20 years of experience in chemical formulation and manufacture, our experience is only matched by our ability to innovate. Flexibility is one of our greatest strengths, and our R&D team think outside the box.

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We are dedicated to giving you the very best, with a focus on dependability, quality and uniqueness.

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We're 100% family and Australian owned. We're committed to excellence in customer service.

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We have over 20 years experience in chemical formulation and manufacturing.


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Isopropyl Alcohol 70%
from $12.22
Antibacterial Hand Soap
from $8.57
QuadForce Eradic8 Hospital Grade Disinfectant
from $32.86
Hand Sanitiser
from $12.86
Isopropyl Alcohol - Vård Group
Isopropyl Alcohol - Vård Group
Isopropyl Alcohol
from $12.22

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We're shaking up the cleaning industry!

Most Loved Product

Our hand sanitiser has been loved by customers all across Australia! Providing powerful sanitisation whilst moisturising to keep your skin soft and supple.

Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser
Hand Sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser

Regular price $12.86

Our Brands

We're so proud to have some amazing brands sit underneath the Vård Group umbrella. Whether helping making a cleaner world, or solving key problems for our customers, our brands are an integral part of the Vaård Group.

The ShoulderSink

A revolutionary, portable handwashing station, allowing you to wash your hands anytime, anywhere.

Storing soap, water, hand sanitiser and grit soap, it really is an all-in-one.

Kid Safe Hand Sanitiser

A sanitiser designed for those little hands in your life, made with only natural and sustainable ingredients, which means... no alcohol, and nothing toxic!

HandShield Instant Glove

HandShield is an ALL NATURAL impenetrable barrier cream and healing moisturiser.  Specifically designed to protect hands exposed to harsh elements found in the workplace.


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From our customers


As a metal fabricator for thirty years, my hands looked beyond repair. My hands were awful; cracked, sore and bleeding. I tried everything under the sun. Nothing worked until I found HandShield. Within a few weeks my hands were transformed. No more cracks, no more dryness, and dirt easily washed off with soap and water. A definite 200% improvement!

Sheet Metal Fabricator

Myself and my son both suffer from dermatitis. My son is a baker and his dermatitis was so bad he was considering quitting his profession. I gave him a bottle of HandShield that i won in a competition that he subsequently used. The improvement in his hands has been so good he's been able to continue working


After a couple of hard days work on the farm, my hands would start to crack and then bleed. Nothing that my doctor prescribed seemed to work. My doctor recommended that i sell my farm and do something different to fix my hand problem. HandShield fixed it in a few weeks. I can't believe it after seventeen years of trying everything under the sun

Dairy Farmer

The product... Well we have tried many hand shield products. We have some staff that have eczema and react to some products or find them ineffective. NatraPower has been our hand shield of choice for all departments. It has a nice fragrance, isn't greasy and best of all works amazingly. We have guys in the machine shop that can work on machines all day where their hands are subject to all sorts of grime, chemicals and fluid yet after washing their hands you would think they worked in an office... Fantastic product we won't use anything else

Machine Shop Owner

I have been using HandShield Liquid Gloves for many years. I have tried many other types of similar products - some protected hands very well but left them greasy, some dried and absorbed quickly but did not work well or for very long, others were combinations of the above in varying degrees. In my experience Hand Shield gives the best combination of protection, moisturising and non-greasiness. I use Hand Shield before work in the morning and after each time i wash my hands while at work. As I frequently work on diesel engines and work with solvents and heavy-duty hand cleaners my hands are prone to ingrained grime, cracking and dermatitis particularly during the colder months. Since using Hand Shield on a regular basis my hands are in much better condition, no painful cracks and virtually no ingrained grime. I wouldn't do without it


Since using the Tuff Nut hand cleaner my hands are far less irritated as they were with the other brands. I haven’t had any irritation or soreness thus far. It works and cleans very well.

I will keep using it for as long as l can get hold of it.