Why was Vård created?

We created Vård to care for the people! The best way we knew how, was to create a range of effective, consistent, safe to use, antibacterial, disinfectant cleaning products; ranging from floor cleaners to soaps.

We believe that a part of caring for you was to also make your business day as easy and stress free as possible. To do this, we build close relationships; provide rapid delivery, with no minimum order quantities, every time, straight to your door. These three values combined became our mission, “Creating A Cleaner World”.  And so, Vård was born! 

We locally manufacture our products in conjunction with experienced chemical formulators and laboratories, using innovative manufacturing processes so we can provide the highest possible quality.

Our foaming hand soap washes hands clean creating a rich, luxurious lather without drying out your skin!  It’s perfect for everyday use in bathrooms and kitchens. And the best part? It’s completely non-toxic and vegan ✨  

Available in black raspberry & vanilla and champagne & strawberry or non scented if you don’t want scent at all!